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A História dos Apartamentos

A Revista New York lançou uma edição especial este mês contando a história dos prédios e dos apartamentos aqui da cidade. Também tem vários moradores contando "causos" dos seus apartamentos, de como chegaram lá e as confusões com os vizinhos.

A Revista está muito interessante! Dá uma olhada nas fotos dos apartamentos de alguns artistas que vivem ou viveram por aqui.

Ralph Ellison, 1986
Ellison at 730 Riverside Drive, where he lived until his death, in 1994. He left behind thousands of pages of writing, some of which were posthumously collected and published as Juneteenth.

Taylor Mead, 1984
Mead’s rent-stabilized apartment cost him $75 a month in 1979 and is now nearing $460. The 86-year-old Warhol “superstar” still performs at the Bowery Poetry Club, but his clutter has restricted other activities. “I’ve painted myself out of the apartment,” he says.

John Ahearn, 1983
Ahearn working on his piece Bobbie (Sneaker Town USA) in his apartment on Walton Avenue in the South Bronx (his frequent collaborator Rigoberto Torres sits to the left on the couch). The living room doubled as Ahearn’s studio.

Keith Haring, 1983
Haring with his boyfriend, Juan Dubose, in the railroad apartment they shared with a friend at 325 Broome Street. To maintain some privacy, Haring and Dubose slept in a camping tent.

Cindy Sherman, 1982
Sherman with her blind pet dove in her apartment at 64 Fulton Street, where she lived until 1983. The shower was in the kitchen and the toilet was down the hall.

William S. Burroughs, c. 1978
Burroughs nicknamed his room in this partially converted YMCA at 222 Broadway “the Bunker.” He lived in the former locker room; twenty years earlier, Mark Rothko worked on his murals for the Four Seasons in the abandoned gym.

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